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Business Continuity Management


Business Continuity Management

“Crisis is rarely a black swan, but mostly as a result of a lack of consistency.”

For Bodo Antonic, trusted adviser for entrepreneurs and senior and middle management executives, the persistence and safety of the company are everything. Risk management processes, as they are anchored in some companies, do not go far enough for him even with the best will in the world. Due to a lack of experience in dealing with crises, possible risks are continuously underestimated.

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Antonic’s view of the subject differs fundamentally from the known approaches in two ways. For him, crisis is not a phase that must be avoided, but on the contrary must be sought.

Central questions are:

  • Where does the next crisis comes from and how do I avert the crisis?
  • How can I safely get the company out of the crisis phase?
  • How do I continuously “immunize” my company and my employees in order to create robustness and resilience?

According to Antonic, management has to drive the company into the crisis in a targeted and constant manner in order to create robust organizations and resilient employees. This reversal of logic creates stability and continuous business development.


He uses a clearly structured business continuity management approach. This is based on a risk analysis (with the elements of leadership, employees, products, production and customers, a bottleneck-focused implementation and a systemically anchored “immunization plan”.

Step 1: risk analysis

Step 2: implementation plan, implementation, stress test, improvement measures

Step 3: Building an in-house, risk-conscious management approach

“You are not afraid of risk, you look for risk in a targeted manner and learn how to deal with it.”

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