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Bodo Antonic is a full-blooded entrepreneur – with heart and soul. Simply earning money is too little for him. To create or to co-design innovative, mobile and vital companies is the intention of his work.

He has been an executive since 2000, accompanying a number of companies and sales organizations as senior executive and reorganizing them in troubled, stormy times. The focus is on companies and their substructures, which have no economic hardship, but still want to innovate.

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Dr. Bodo Antonic supports you,

  • when it comes to intercept the stumbling sales,
  • to turn back falling sales productivity into the target range,
  • as head of sales organization in merger & acquisition, restructuring and turnaround phases, when a steady hand and objective perspective is required
  • and when companies are asked to dust off and refreshing old fashioned sales habits.

His performance triangle spans the cornerstones: Sales, B2B, Reorganization. In a context like this, Bodo Antonic usually acts as a interim manager in the function of a General Manager, BU Head or Commercial Director.

Dr. Bodo Antonic looks forward to the contact with you; always in focus the one, central question: “How can we together bring your enterprise into the future?”, which he will discuss with you passionately. His compass will always be there: With appreciation and clarity in doing, he hill renew some of the old fashioned habits und convert them into a more appropriate form.

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Dr. Bodo Antonic loves change – and his keynote speeches are effective tools when it comes to change situations. His keynotes use force and momentum to set the impulses which are necessary for a transformation. Keynotes get your thinking going and shake up your beliefs and routines.

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