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Dr. Bodo Antonic loves change – and his keynote speeches are effective tools when it comes to change situations. His keynotes use force and momentum to set the impulses which are necessary for a transformation. Keynotes get your thinking going and shake up your beliefs and routines.

His activity as a keynote speaker rests on two pillars. On the one hand, he is relying on his experience as an interim manager, who has to initiate the turn for the better under pressure of time and resources in unknown territories. On the other hand, he benefits from his techniques and experiences as a rescue diver, who taught him to survive under pressure.

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Both pillars are combined in his view towards the reality and challenges of companies. His subject area includes leadership under pressure, cultural change, increasing productivity, change and transformation.

His passion is the interplay of values, rules, language and people in flexible and thus viable organizations.

Antonic’s unique selling proposition: He questions old familiar terms, buzzwords and assumed self-evident knowledge. He draws on his experience in practice, borrowing in literature and research – and communicating his topics with power and momentum.

Unleash the spirit of your enterprise and the people who carry the company with you. Future viability arises based on a corporate culture that repeatedly exposes itself to external impulses.

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