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Communicate, Decide, Perceive

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Impactful communication

Who dives, never does this alone. Even in murky waters communication must succeed. A few succinct hand signals are enough to settle the necessary. Reading the terrain and interpreting signals is essential. And decisions must be made quickly and courageously.

How unspecific and confused, on the other hand, is often our interaction with each other and our approach to management! I cannot afford that as a interim manager contributing in economic situation where time is pretty restricted.

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Basically, there are four steps that are enough to probe the situation in the given timeframe, under pressure and uncertainty, and turn things around for the better. Carefully perceive, communicate succinctly, decide quickly and focus on the essential, are trumps here.

In his lecture, he shows how managers

  • Get a quick picture of even complex batches
  • perceive diffuse signals and interpret them correctly
  • Make confident and courageous decisions even under uncertainty
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively
  • Correctly divide strength and breath, focus.

Perceiving attentively, communicating concisely, making quick decisions and focusing on the essentials are trumps here.

This talk explains how this works, what hurdles have to be overcome and what really matters in management pressure situations. 

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