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Limits and opportunities for participation in the crisis


Crisis management: participative or topdown?


Where just a few days before the corona crisis caught up with us, the ether of discussion was full of words, thoughts and publications on the subject of participation, these voices almost fell silent at the beginning of May 2020. Is the topic dead now? Is it now spitting in the hands again from the end of the crisis? Is it finally over with all the wet dreams of disguised socialists and daydreamers?

The fact is: in the crisis itself, when it rumbles, cracks and stinks, one might say that there is not really space for the vogue of participation. Not only is it superfluous, it is dangerous, simply the wrong focus. This sentence may not be tasty for everyone, some may even protest and roar internally. The reasoning rationale: In my opinion, there is simply no time for discussion for participation. Let us consider that the medical crisis represents the borderline between death and life.

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Bodo Antonic

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